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My name is Aston Grewcock.
I am a UK-based boa constrictor
hobbyist keeper and breeder. I bred my
first boa morph in the 2009-10 breeding season
and produced some very nice common & hypo
boas. Since that breeding I have been fascinated
with the morph scene and the genetics involved.

I have no desire to be a massive boa breeder,
owning and breeding with hundreds of boas each
year. I am much happier staying small and breeding
a few boas each year but breeding for what I want to
see/produce; whether that be because I like the look of
them or that no-one has bred them before and I'm
interested in seeing the results. I love working with
genetics to create a boa that looks completely
different to the parents.

I have purchased some much more desirable
morphs and look forward to breeding them to
produce some interesting boa morph combinations,
each year I hope to produce something new that I've
personally never produced before.

Enjoy looking through my site!