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  1. Cosmic indigestion: Swallowing a neutron star can cause a star to explode

    Researchers argue that new observations are best explained by a theorized merger.

  2. Apple will let video and music apps—but not games—link to other payment options

    Reader apps—books, music, video, etc.—will be allowed "in-app link to their website."

  3. The Wheel of Time teaser is here, and it looks and feels exactly right

    "Whatever happens now, there's no turning back." 

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  1. Audi subverts the luxury sedan with new grandsphere concept

    The concept reimagines the luxury GT that doesn't need you to drive it.

  2. Billionaire Sacklers granted lifetime legal immunity in opioid settlement

    Several states already plan to appeal what the judge himself called "a bitter result."

  3. Samsung builds the world’s highest-resolution phone camera sensor: 200 MP

    Samsung is binning up to 16 pixels now, so you can still take low-light photos.

  4. New script makes it easy(ish) to put Windows 10 or 11 on a Raspberry Pi

    A relatively cheap, simple way to give the ARM version of Windows a spin.

  5. Reddit bans r/NoNewNormal and quarantines 54 “COVID-denial subreddits”

    Reddit acts against rising COVID misinformation after week of protests.

  6. WhatsApp fined $267M for not telling users how it shared data with Facebook

    Ireland levies fine for GDPR abuses after pressure from other European countries.

  7. NPM package with 3 million weekly downloads had a severe vulnerability

    Untrusted JavaScript config file can execute arbitrary code.

  8. Locast’s free TV service shuts down after losing copyright ruling [Updated]

    Locast can't use revenue from users to expand into new markets, judge rules.

  9. China may use an existing rocket to speed up plans for a human Moon mission

    China may seek to leapfrog NASA in its return to the Moon.

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  1. Michelle Gomez is a time-traveling Madame Rouge in Doom Patrol S3 trailer

    "Sometimes you have to set worlds on fire so you can make something new."

  2. Report: Big new health features are coming to the Apple Watch—just not this year

    Temperature and blood glucose tracking could arrive as soon as 2022.

  3. Spaceship carrying Richard Branson flew off course [Updated]

    Also, an explanation of why Mark "Forger" Stucky left Virgin Galactic.

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  1. EA bucks convention with preview of extremely unfinished Dead Space remake

    EA was surprisingly candid with this early look at the game's preproduction.

  2. Crypto platforms need regulation to survive, says SEC boss

    $2 trillion industry is too big to exist outside of "public policy framework."

  3. First Marvel’s Midnight Suns gameplay footage: XCOM with cards looks rad

    Revealed: Destructible terrain, team-up attacks, three-hero squads, narrative emphasis.

  4. System76’s updated 15-inch Pangolin laptop ships with Ryzen 7 5700U CPU

    System76's second Ryzen-powered model is available today with Ubuntu or Pop!_OS.

  5. New Surface hardware is likely to surface at Microsoft’s September 22 event

    Event will be fully remote and livestreamed.

  6. Google reportedly optimistic about Pixel 6 sales, increases production by 50%

    Nikkei Asia digs into Google supply chain rumors.

  1. Amazon asked FCC to reject Starlink plan because it can’t compete, SpaceX says

    SpaceX: Amazon should fix Kuiper satellite plan instead of trying to delay Starlink.

  2. Hyundai’s sharp-looking Ioniq 5 EV is Motional’s new robotaxi

    The electric robotaxis will be available via Lyft in yet-to-be-named cities.

  3. Western Digital introduces new non-SMR 20TB HDDs with onboard NAND

    These aren't "hybrids"—their NAND components aren't used for user data.

  4. Anger, frustration at FDA over Biden’s booster plan; two top regulators resign

    "Huge loss" at FDA amid concerns of political pressure over vaccine decisions.

  5. Old PCs are getting booted out of the Windows 11 Insider Preview

    Affected users are being told to reinstall Windows 10.

  6. Tesla must tell NHTSA how Autopilot sees emergency vehicles

    The federal regulator is investigating 12 Autopilot crashes into first responders.

  7. Blue Origin hires advisory firm linked to messy JEDI contract process

    Pallas Advisors was co-founded by two former advisors to Jim Mattis.